Undertaking Research for Your MBA Thesis

In many universities, people who have registered for MBA programs are required to submit theses, in order to be awarded the MBA degrees. Normally, for you to be in a position to submit a thesis, you need to have carried out some sort of research. Now there are two ways in which you can undertake the research for your MBA thesis.

In the first instance, you can undertake research for your MBA thesis through library reading: this being the sort of research referred to as ‘literature review’.

In the second instance, you can undertake research for your MBA thesis through field work: like where you go around carrying out studies, interviewing people and so on.

Whichever form your research for MBA thesis takes, you need to have a way of submitting the final work to your academic supervisor. In some cases, this can entail documenting your findings and then printing out the document and submitting it your supervisor in paper format. In other cases, it can entail emailing ‘soft copies’ of your findings to your supervisor and the members of faculty at your school. To do this, you may need to sign up for an email account at, say, a site like www.sbcglobal.net. That would culminate in you getting a Sbcglobal.net email, like that which is described at www.sbcglobalnetemail.org. With such an account, you can submit your thesis to your faculty members. But then, if you are enrolled in a prestigious school like, say, at Harvard University or at the London School of Economics, you may be lucky enough to have an email account based on your school’s website domain allocated to you. In that case, that would be the email account for you to use, in submitting copies of your thesis to your MBA supervisor and other faculty members.

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