Should You Get an MBA?

In the 18th century, education wasn’t really important. What was important was if you were able to read and write so that you could be a better trader. Then in the 20th century, during world II and the Vietnam war, the education needed was just a high school level education. Most jobs at that time needed you to have at least a high school diploma. And with the high school diploma, you could survive and live a good life.

But in the 21st century, someone with a high school diploma would be barely surviving in the US. Most of the good paying jobs require a college degree. If you get a master degree, that would put you on a higher paying scale. That shows your employer that you value your education and you know what you are doing because you have spent 2 years on that particular course.

So you can see that I am in favor of you getting an MBA. But before you think of applying for an MBA program, you need to think of how you will use it. The word MBA means Masters of Business Administration. So this degree is good for management and any thing related to business. An engineer shouldn’t worry about getting an MBA only if he wants to manage the company of help it to grow. If the engineer just loves designing things, he shouldn’t worry about getting an MBA. Instead he should go get a Masters degree in an engineering discipline. That will help him to be a better engineer. Basically, what I am trying to say is that MBA isn’t for everybody. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go into school to do your MBA. Only when you know that the MBA is important, you should do that. You can do the MBA program anytime in your life. Just save your money in your bank account, so that it can go and use it to do other things.

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